Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Most Important Secret To Living Happier, with More Health and Longevity

Hi Friends,

I have thought a lot about the most important 1st Secret to Good health. Each week will deal with a new one. 

After many days of study and thought, I feel it is faith is first.

  • Faith in a power greater than ourselves is I feel the 1st secret to good health, a healthy mind and soul.

  • It does not matter what religion you are, faith is the 1st.

  • I think if you have faith you are less likely to get caught up in addictions, and drugs.

  • With faith, you can overcome some horrific life challenges and health issues.

  • Your path to health is hard sometimes. If our family genetics are not so good, it is harder to stay in good health. Faith also makes us more positive about the blessings of health we do have.

  • It causes us to focus on how to help others, rather than the headaches we have in our life.

  • If we have cancer it give us strength to get through the pain and to be unafraid of the life after death. I know many people who have gotten courage and comfort from the bible during their pain and in their last hours.

At times in my life, I have given my free time to serve in nursing homes. Even the ones who have family, are left most of the day to watch their friends and loved ones fade away and die. They are there with very few distractions, to deal with their pain and knowledge that they are dying. The nights are long and frightening to those even with faith. They don't know if they will make it through the night. The elderly with a strong faith deal with their pain and their dying much better. They are more positive people to care for and have a better attitude in doing their best with what abilities they have left.

Faith gets them through. This is important, since at the does not matter what health program they were following.

All the medical care whether it be standard medicine or alternative is in the end.....not enough. Then often what is left is either fear or faith.

My blog subject this week will be on the 2nd Secret to lasting health. That is a Positive Attitude in all things. This is all for tonight. You are welcome to write me at herbladyisin@yahoo with comments or thoughts.
Updated 9-10-2016

Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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