Saturday, September 24, 2005

Herbal First Aid Kit For Emergencies

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I have been in the process of moving my family and my business to Fresno, Ca. I love it here even though it was 107 the day we moved in. It's my kind of town! My neighbor's Yerba Buena (an herb used in Mexico to soothe an upset stomach) is growing through the fence into our yard and a neighbor down the street raises all her own veggies and herbs. They are new friends.

Its been a long haul and its been too long since I have added to my blog. I am going to be adding to it everyday now. I will be sharing with you health headlines that I find in the paper or news.

With all the news of Katrina and its horrors, I have had my heart full. Many of us don't worry about flooding very often. But even in an area such as Fresno, they had flooding years ago when a levee broke. I got to thinking about how many were unprepared medically for that storm and the days without food and water. Many of them had no medicine or their medicine was not protected from water damage. They just didn't think it would be that bad. Who knows when an emergency might hit....earthquake, fire, flood, or terror attack. Lets learn from what has happened in New Orleans and get prepared within our own families. The emergency crews may not get to us any faster than it did in New Orleans.

First item on the list is a water proof bag for paperwork like drivers license, social security card, phone numbers of family, friends, insurance policy numbers, medical insurance ID and policy numbers, and military records.

If you are diabetic or have other health problems, wear your ID bracelet. If someone finds you, at least they will know you have a severe health problem.

Those of us who use alternative medicine should also prepare for the worst. There are some herbs that everyone should have on hand. If you keep them in the form of essential oils they take up less room in a pack and are in tiny glass bottles. The oils are very potent and it only takes a few drops per dose.

What herbs should you have on hand? First would be Oregano because it is a heavy duty antibiotic and has been shown to kill some lethal bacteria and virus strains. It is important to have Oregano in your first aid kit always.

Another herb would be Tea Tree Oil. It is quite effective on cuts, wounds, and infected flesh.

Garlic: I would have garlic powder, liquid garlic, or caps on hand. Garlic is useful for any kind of infection and can be placed directly on a wound or cut. It will also help to prevent infection internally from bacteria in bad food or in bad water. Garlic was used in World War 1 to treat the many gunshot wounds. Raw garlic was laid into the infected wounds very successfully. It was hard to get it to the battle grounds and needed refrigeration. That was a problem. That is when modern antibiotics such as sulfa came into practice.

Goldenseal is another one that is very effective on infected wounds. Goldenseal can be purchased in powder, liquid or caps.

Slippery Elm is another herb that would come in handy. It is soothing to an irritated or ulcerated stomach. Ginger would also be helpful in stomach distress.

Vitamin C helps in infection and helps boost the immune response.

Another item to consider is an individual water purifier. People use them when camping or hiking. One of those would help at least. Some of them do not have the capability to take out the toxic material now floating in New Orleans. Check the one you have to find out just how good it is.

There are other herbs but these above I feel are the most important. You can only carry so much in an emergency.

This is all for tonight folks......Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin
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