Sunday, September 25, 2005

Unmanaged Stess Can Kill You

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As I watched the news today, I thought about how much attitude will play in the mental survival of the hurricane victims. Many of them have lost loved ones, their homes, pets, everything. In such severe circumstances, it will be the most difficult times of their life. Some of them will go on and rebuild their lives and some will never rise above this horror. What are some of the factors that will make the difference.

Attitude ( our subject this week) is the first. If they decide they will overcome this negative event in their life....they will eventually. If they think and tell them selves that they are finished and cannot get back on their feet....they won't. Whatever we tell ourselves, the mind tries to follow. A gold medal winner in a winner first in their mind, then in their goals and actions.

Family and Friends: Those that have support from friends, family, or church will recover mentally first. Those that have no one such as the elderly will likely not recover from the shock of being moved and being displaced in new circumstances. This is why so often the elderly die within a year of being moved to a rest home or nursing facility.

Faith: Those who have a strong faith keep more hope for the future and their recovery. People with faith still go through the blackness of despair and depression sometimes, but come out the other side into the light again.

Support : A stranger who comes to comfort or aid or help can do wonders for those who are overwhelmed with their circumstances. A smile or hug can make a world of difference.

Try this simple test. When walking along the street and you see someone with a frown or angry look on their face, smile at them. If you are standing next to them ask them how they are. If you know them ask if you may give them a hug. When I spent time in the rest homes, I made a practice of just hugging some of the patients. I would always ask them first. It made all the difference in the world. Even just a smile can turn things around. A little caring goes a long way.

Stress Relief: This can be yoga, prayer, music, exercise, whatever calms you down.

This is extremely important because constant excessive stress can kill you.

A report in the Journal of Clinical Basic Cardiology reported that "sudden cardiac deaths" increased significantly during the Northridge earthquake in California in 1994 and in the Israeli civilian population during the first days of the Gulf War in 1991. The 58% increase in mortality was due to an increase in mortality from cardiovascular diseases on the day of the first strike by Scud missiles.. Female death rate increased by 77 per cent and male mortality by 41 percent. The Scud missiles did very little damage physically but a great deal of damage mentally. Stress accounts for as much as 75% of all visits to the doctor.

All of these factors help in recovering from ill health and ill circumstances. Attitude is first still. No matter how much support you have or don't have, if you are defeated in your mind you will be defeated. This does not mean that you can't cry or indulge in some self pity but the important factor is that you get over it and go on to achieve success again.

Go and give someone a hug and smile! Goodnight 

Updated 9-10-2016

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