Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yum...Nothing Like Acrylamide French Fries

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I had company so have not written in a couple of days. I am going to bring up a couple of items out of the newspaper.

The first, concerns one of American's best loved junk foods...French Fries.

I stopped eating them many years ago just because of the fat and calories. They can add many pounds, if you indulge in them very often. As a nutritionist and herbalist, it is one of my first items for deletion when helping people to live a healthier life style.

Now it seems there is even more reason to cut them off your shopping and eating out list. They are full of a chemical called Acrylamide! This chemical is known to cause cancer in laboratory rats and mice.

Acrylamide is not added into the french fries but is formed when a starchy food is heated at high temperature. This is also true of several other foods such whole wheat toast and black olives. But black olives and whole wheat toast are not consumed in large amounts by the majority of Americans.

The main concern here is the amount of french fries consumed by Americans on a weekly basis.
Americans spend $4 billion a year on fries and $3 billion on pototo chips. That is incredable that we could be spending that much on one kind of junk food. That is also why a majority of Americans are overweight or severely obese. Add to that the hamburgers, shakes, ice cream, candy bars, cokes, Pepsi, chips, and sugar cereal, it is not any wonder our children and teenagers are obese and often have diabetes.

So when you crave french fries...just picture a big glob of fat.....and calories....and don't forget the Acrylamide

The 2nd item is an article about former president, Bill Clinton. It is a well known fact that for years he enjoyed a junk food diet. He went for years eating this diet even though he was educated to know it was bad for him. When his heart symptoms began to show up, his arteries were severely clogged. Two of them were 90 percent clogged. He had good doctors and good medical care and it saved his life.

But even with his wealth, he ignored his doctors warnings concerning his junk food diet until it nearly killed him. Wealth does not mean you're are going to eat the healthy way. Often, it allows over indulgence and problems. In this country, obesity, hits at all levels of income, from the poor to the rich.

The majority of Americans are not in Clintons status. Most Americans do not visit their doctor often or get exams to test their heart function. The sad story is thousands of Americans often have no health coverage. They just can't afford it. Compounding this lack of medical care, they live on a bad diet as well. When they have those first signs, often they do not see a doctor. They let it go until the big one hits.

You would be wise to change your diet and get a check up before it ends up in a by pass operation or death.

Oral Chelation therapy is an alternative therapy to clean out the arteries. This therapy could save your life and prevent a heart attack or the need for a heart by-pass operation. It also cleans out heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and chemicals from the blood and tissues. It should be utilized before you are having heart attack symptoms and your arteries are 90 per cent clogged.

You should also know there are herbs such as Garlic and hawthorne berries that work on lowering those heart risks including high blood pressure. They do work and there is research...qualified double blind studies done in Japan, Germany, Russia, and other countries to back up these statements.

Call me or write me more on this subject. at

This is all for tonight...Goodnight and have a healthy day tomorrow!


Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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