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Avian Bird Flu...Steps To Take To Avoid the Flu!

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The World Trade Association wrote an article revising their estimates of 150 million Avian Bird Flu deaths to 7.4 million.

Well, that may be good news unless you are one of the 7.4 million still in the figures. They also state they have no idea actually how bad it will be until it hits.

This means that we should be prepared health wise. It is a known fact that many of those 7.4 million deaths will be the young, the elderly, the undernourished, the ones already fragile.

There will be deaths in those who think they have a strong immune system when they don't in reality. There will be deaths in those who don't take the illness seriously and those who don't believe in taking either standard medicine or herbal medicine. They are strong and don't need that stuff. These are the same people who will tell you they are healthy but rarely see a doctor, then drop death with a heart attack one day.

It is wise to work consistently on the health of your immune system with proper diet, proper rest, exercise, and stress reduction. Constant, excessive stress reduces immune function and increases the severity of the illness. The healthier you are the less likely you are to develop the disease in the first place and the shorter the duration of the days sick.

When you start to feel ill, immediately start in with Vitamin C at 500 to 1000 mg several times a day. You should double up on your multi-vitamins add Zinc to your supplement regimen. Then follow up on the vitamins with Oregano or Goldenseal or Garlic. Oregano has been shown in clinical studies to be extremely effective against almost all of the germs floating around including staph and strep. Garlic as well has has thousands of clinical studies in Japan and Russia on its effectiveness against bugs, staph, strep, you name it.

You need to take more than the maintenance dose listed on the bottle. If it suggests taking 2 a day....take 4 to 6 more. It takes a good strong dosage to defeat these bugs. The dosage should be taken several times a day...not just once.

You should drink a lot of water and rest! Keep your glasses and yourself away from the family as much as possible. If you have a dishwasher, this is a good time to use it. Wash your hands frequently!

Don't wait until you are really down with it! Start the regimen above at the onset of the aches and pain, the fatigue, mild fever, and achy throat. If you have to be around family that is ill....start the above regimen the first day you have contact with them. It takes often around a week for the bug to incubate in your system and for you to start feeling the symptoms.

With all that is going around, it is wise to keep an extra supply at home. This week, for instance, I gave my daughter my supply of Oregano when she came down with strep throat. I began taking what I had left on my bottle and Vitamin C make sure I don't come down with it. I ordered three extra bottles just to have on hand and some extra Vitamin C. Be prepared as the Girl Scout Motto says! 

My medicine cabinet includes C. Silver, Kyolic Garlic, Goldenseal, Vitamin C and an Immune formula always on hand for emergencies.

Be prepared as the Girl Scout Motto says! 
This is all for tonight. If you would like any questions answered on this subject, email me at .

Updated 9-10-2016

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