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Oregano Potent Bacteria, Fungus, and Virus Killer

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Since we have the threat of the Avian Bird Flu and our yearly Influenza Flu looming, I want to devote the next two blogs or so on Oregano. I will also devote one to Garlic and general guidelines to utilize when exposed to someone sick.

The ancient Greeks were among the first to take advantage of oregano's medicinal qualities. The Greeks termed the spice originales, meaning "joy of the mountains."

The Greeks utilized this herb extensively as a medicine. Oregano was used as a favorite prescription by hundreds of ancient doctors. Conditions treated by the Greek doctors included trauma, open wounds, headaches, lung disorders, seizures, venomous bites, and congestive heart failure. It was regarded as a definitive cure for hemlock poisoning.

During the Middle Ages Islamic doctors developed hundreds of cures using both the Oregano Spice and oil. Over the history of time, it has been used over and over for a wide range of ailments from asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, and cough.

In the Orient it is used to treat fever, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, and itchy skin.

Although there are a wide variety of plants that are confused with oregano-including marjoram, thyme and sage-true oregano grows wild in Mediterranean regions such as Greece. The wild oregano is the source of surprisingly potent oil of oregano.

In The Cure is in the Cupboard, Cass Ingram, D.O., has written a book that is dedicated to unveiling the health benefits of oregano and oil of oregano.

He notes that "wild oregano is a veritable natural mineral treasure-house, containing a density of minerals that would rival virtually any food." The wild oregano is rich in a long list of minerals that includes calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron, and manganese. Vitamins C and A (beta carotene) and niacin also are contained in oregano.

Of these minerals,it is relatively high in Magnesium, containing 280 mg per 100 grams. That is higher than in other foods such as cashews, peanuts, molasses, and whole grains. It is also very high in zinc and Potassium.

Judging from its mineral content alone, it isn't hard to figure out why oregano is such a valuable commodity. Consider some of oregano's other useful purposes and it becomes even more obvious.

"Oregano is one of Nature's finest preservatives." states Ingram in another book, Supermarket Remedies. The author suggests that if oregano is used with foods such as meat, eggs, milk, or salad, you "will greatly halt the growth of microbes and, thus, reduce the risk for food poisoning."

The key element in oregano is the oil, which Foster points out "contains carvacrol and thymol as the primary components." Foster attributes the "fungicidal and worm-expellant properties" of oil of oregano to carvacrol and thymol. "These two phenols may constitute as much as 90% of (the oil)."

However, Ingram adds that these two phenols work "synergistically" and that is the reason "oil of oregano" packs a double punch in antiseptic powder and explains why it is infinitely more potent than commercial phenol in microbial killing power."

Another key element found in Oregano Oil are Terpenes. Terpenes are potent anitseptic, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory agents. They act as natural anesthetics, which means they are capable of halting pain. Oil of Oregano contains dozens of Terpenes.

The last key ingredient are called Esters. They are noted for their anti-fungal powers. They also possess a mild sedative or relaxing effect and enhance blood flow in the body.

All of this helps make oregano oil a significant factor in treating internal and external fungi including athletes foot. Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema can be improved with the treatment as well. Ingram explains the astonishing discovery that "oil of oregano outright destroys all variety of fungi and yeasts, regardless of where they reside."

In addition to fighting various fungi, oil of oregano is useful against bacteria and parasites. As Ingram asserts, "oil of oregano's antiseptic powers are inhibits the growth of the majority of bacteria, something that prescription antibiotics fail to accomplish." In the case of parasites, oil of oregano has had success neutralizing worms, amoeba and protozoans.

Additional uses for oregano and oil of oregano are multi-dimensional. They have been found helpful in combating diarrhea, intestinal gas, and digestive problems, as well as sore throat and breathing difficulties. Oil of oregano can be immediate help against bee stings and many venomous bites until medical attention can be reached. Oil of oregano has even been suggested as a treatment for dandruff, diaper rash, and other skin disorders.

The benefits of oregano have gone largely unnoticed and under publicized for far too long. As Ingram notes, oregano is "one of the world's finest natural medicines, that is if it's true oregano." So while oregano may hold the answer for a number of your health questions, be sure that it is in fact the real thing. Remember, these remedies are only attributed to genuine oregano and oil of oregano. Nonetheless, their values are much too important to overlook. Oregano may just be the thing you are searching for, or maybe didn't realize was available.

This is all for now. The next blog will be on the new studies using Oregano Oil and its power over Influenza Virus and Sars . There is a lot of current research available.
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Updated 9-10-2016

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  1. I use oil of oregano every time I get sick, but I'm never sure if it's actually doing something or if I would have gotten better anyway.

    I just read an entry on where they said that their had been some study done showing that o of o is just as effective agains bacterial infections as standard anti-biotics are. do you know if that's true?

  2. kate Clifton, The herbladyisin6:41 PM

    I am resistant to antibiotics and have a daughter that has been resistant for years to antibiotics. We have both had bladder and kidney infections that were pretty severe and yes Oregano does work. It does depend on the brand, how quickly to start the program and you have to use the proper dose of it. As with all herbs and alternative medicine, your immune system must work to get well. If your immune system is down to is going to take you a long time to get well no matter what you take or do. Your immune system is affected by age, stress, diet, genetics, habits such as smoking and attitude. Oregano should be added to liquids, bed rest, vit C, Vit A , and a good multivitamin. I also believe in home made chicken broth with garlic, onions, and cayenne. You won't have any problem with vampires after a load of garlic. Getting on your feet involves more than just Oregano. It is a great natural antibiotic.
    Kate Clifton, The Herbladyisin

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  5. Anonymous9:42 PM

    hi i need some good o of o where can i get some, i have bad bladder infection. went to doc they gave me antibo. but it worked for a few a month later its back! help please how do i take this stuff?

  6. Anonymous9:55 PM

    ok i found this on the web for infection in stomache. How to Take It

    For an infection in your gastrointestinal tract (whether bacterial, fungal, or parasitic), take 0.3 ml of enteric-coated oregano oil capsules three times a day before meals, says Jennifer Brett, N.D., a naturopathic physician and chair of the botanical medicine department at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine in Connecticut. The enteric coating ensures that the capsule won't release the oil before it reaches your intestines

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