Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Living Slower Is Good For Your Health

Hi Friends,

This blog comes from sunny, peaceful Mina, Nevada

We have now lived in Mina, Nevada for almost two months. I sit here writing you with more peace than in a long time. I knew when we lived in San Diego, that the traffic, freeways, and life clutter really got to my nerves. 

Here is Mina, a town of under 200, my stress level has gone down a number of points. Since the nearest town is 33 miles away with no shopping malls, we only go to town when we really need to. Once in awhile you go further away when you want clothes or bigger items. 

There is no traffic, no fuss, peace and quiet with very little rules. Most people just go about living their life quietly. When was the last time you could say that? So much of the gas we use and the shopping we do is not necessary or needed. We spend a lot of money on junk food and house junk as well. We see something on a end display, not on our list, and it ends up in our cart. How much of the stuff we buy really gets used and it really needed? We have really cluttered out life with trips to the store, and trips to the mall we don't need. I now have much more time to write and work on my nursery than when living in the city. We use neighbor resources for help and items they may have sitting around. Perhaps part of the severe stress and anxiety in your life is a life schedule you could reduce. Think about it. Your health will thank you.

Updated Note on that time period below: 

We now live in Indian Mound, Tennessee. Indian Mound is the opposite of Mina in every way. If nothing else from moving as much as we have, I have gained several different perspectives on life from living in Mina with under 200 people to now in 2016 living in beautiful green TN. Each area has its beauty and its own vibration. The people are different in each area but also the same. The first week we moved to Mina I cried. The stark rocks seemed so desolate. It was not green. After about two weeks, God moved away the clouds from my eyes revealing its simple beauty.  The life there was simple too.  We moved away from there because of the trailer we rented from friends that deteriorated to a point of being unsafe.  My husband wanted to work and jobs there were pretty scarce unless you worked in the mines or in Hawthorne. It was a stopping place until we decided our next step in this winding road of life.  Living there really taught me about accepting what you cannot change and the wisdom to know what we can change. The people there were great and we enjoyed our stay there.

Updated 9-10-2016

Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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