Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Importance of Growing Your Own Medicinal Herbs

Today I want you to really understand why it is important to start both your own vegetable garden and herb garden as well. The food we eat comes from many lands and is hauled by truck and airplane. You have no idea on the quality of the soil or the conditions that fruit or vegetable was planted under. If you plant your own garden, you have fresh produce. If you have a condo, grow vegetables in containers. Stick a tomato in a container out on your apartment patio. If you have no sunlight, buy a grow light.

Why grow herbs when you can buy them at the store? 

I hate to tell you folks, that this may not be an option in the future if the FDA and AMA have any say. They would rather have you on drugs. In England right now starting in May, herbal supplements are getting taken off the shelf. England has made it so difficult to get herbs approved with their new regulations that hundreds of supplements cannot be sold there. They are trying to pass laws everyday here to do the same. Your right to buy supplements may be cut off by laws going up for passage in many states. Growing your own herbs is not only cheaper but will give you access when these laws are passed. In any climate setting, there are herbs you can grow in containers and small gardens. You just have to do the research on your climate conditions and the conditions each herb needs. It it really important to start this now, not later.  It takes awhile to get a big enough plant to eat from.  You might need several containers but do it. Do it for your own health, your future health, and the quality of your life. 

MRSA infections are becoming the norm.  MRSA infections such as staph are resistant to antibiotic treatment. Deaths are a direct result of this resistance.  You must grow herbs to save your life. They may not be available at the store the way things are going.

 For more information on how to grow medicinal herbs, visit my other blog at  Growing Moringa and Medicinal Herbs

Updated 9-10-2016

Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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