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Treating Dysplasia and Chronic Ear Infections In Dogs

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We have an Australian shepherd, named Jack,  that we got as a save dog. He had ear problems when we got him. Originally he had an old fox tale in his ear that was buried. We spent 1000 bucks on vet bills that included antibiotic packs. Nothing worked on his ear. He was just miserable. I then began searching on the internet and found a product called Zymox which is an enzyme that dissolves the bacteria and infection. We bought it and it gave him relief within a week. The redness cleared up, the black crud disappeared and we were elated. I have to say that at first we had to put it in daily for months. Now we have to dose the ear on and off but at times not at all. As soon as he started trying to scratch at it, we begin the treatment again. I am going to give you the url. Its a great product. I buy it from Amazon which saves a little bit.

Now along with chronic ear infections, he suffers from dysplasia. Just about a year and a half ago, we nearly had to put him down. He got so bad, he could not move his hind end or support his hind legs. He had no control of his bowels. We were sick.  The vet told us there was not hope and to put him down. That would cost 200.00. I was not ready to give up. I spent a day researching and found a product called  Arthro-ionx by vetionx.  I expressed mailed the stuff and prayed. Jack is large and we were carrying him to get him outside. Three days later  we got it. The pages of reviews said it could take a week or two to see the difference. We gave him triple doses the first day in the afternoon. We had him out on the porch because of his bowel problems. We got up the next morning to let our Laso out, and Jack struggled onto his feet. He walked like a drunk sailor but he managed to get out a few feet to the lawn. We cried. We gave him another triple dose and in the afternoon he walked shakily a few feet further. That night he also again had control of his bowels. He slept in our bedroom that night. The next morning he was well enough to go into the yard slowly. He continued to improve rapidly and dramatically. I have never seen in animals or humans such a incredible recovery.

He is still great. He runs and goes up the stair easily. He is not in pain. He is happy. The medicine had to be given daily for the first year. I give it to him less at times. I watch his hips as we walk them. I also give him Liquid glucosomine with MSM as well. This is a dog, the vet said had no hope. This was a dog we were told to put down.  So at the bottom of this post I am including the link to these products. They are not cheap but they are a savior in vet bills and to give quality of life to your dog.

Zymox-  an enzyme formula for dogs with chronic ear infections. The formula I use has hydrocortisone in it. The product also comes without hydrocortisone. Buy it through amazon

Arthro-ionx   A homeopathic formula for hip dysplasia and arthritis.  It is amazing stuff.

Note:  Jack eventually three years later had to be put down because of seizures not dysplasia.  The seizures despite all of the alternative medicine did not in the long term win.  In this last night, he had seizures after seizure with left him with a quality of life that led us to put him down.  Through alternative medicine he lived several years longer active and happy.  We won most of his health battles but the last one.  

Updated 9-10-2016

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