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Cayenne, Vitamin C , and Tips for Headaches including Migraines

I hope all of you had a great week. The weekend is here so have a healthy weekend. If you are prone to headaches, caffeine withdrawal headaches, or headaches period, I have some helpful advice. I know a lot about the subject, my husband is prone to headaches.When I first met him, he was on a lot of prescription drugs for his blood pressure, for allergies and migraines. He suffered migraines every day and migraines that kept him in bed. I might add that later we found out his condo had mold and mildew. The whole bathroom and hallway had to be redone. The company we hired did not take proper measures, and we got really sick. In fact, the mold got into my husband's lungs. He coughed for several months. It was really bad. It took a long time for me to get him to try alternative medicine. One of the reasons he finally agreed to try it was because he was sick from the mold. His standard medicine doctors could offer little to help him. He was pretty stubborn. With him, his headaches had more than one factor. We have been together going on 6 years and married for two of them. He is now off all drugs, his blood pressure is normal, his weight is normal, he walks twice a day, and his allergies/migraine headaches are few and far between. His doctor is very pleased that his health is so improved, even if it was by alternative medicine. I am telling you this from experience.

When I was young, I had horrible allergies. I went through allergy tests, scratch allergy tests, allergy shots, and lots of allergy medicine. I did not discover alternative medicine until I was in my early thirties. I worked for doctors in those years. I suffered with the allergies and the side effects from the allergy medications. I was a zombie. I am very sensitive to medication of any kind. We used to have a house that needed the lawn to be mowed. My eyes would swell shut when I mowed. The first thing I tried when I got into alternative medicine was Vitamin C. I discovered if I took two thousand Vitamin C before I mowed, my eyes did not swell shut and I didn't have a sneezing fit and congestion  for hours afterward. I have rarely had problems in the thirty years since with allergies. This house is one of the rare times.

Foods like milk, corn, and pork plus many others can cause headaches. The food issue needs a blog just by itself. So we will go into that later. This will include all the chemicals, preservatives, and dyes. I wanted in this blog to go some other causes for headaches and some tips for relief.

Stress reduction and hormone imbalances are  also involved in headaches as well. So I will give those topics their  own blog as well. Headaches are one of the hardest health problems because of the multiple causes for them.

It is rare that frequent headaches stem from one cause only. After reading the next blogs, you need to track the cause of yours. The information you read here, will help you to find those causes.

Step #1: Read the side effects of the drugs you are on. Headaches may be one of the side effects. He found out his eye drops were part of the problem. When he changed brands, the headaches decreased.

Step # 2:  Rid your rooms of clutter and boxes. They collect dust.  Keep your bedroom especially clear of clutter and dust. That will help your headaches. Get rid of old carpet if possible and replace with tile or wood. Get rid of old dusty curtains that are dust collectors. Wash them if they won't fall apart. Buy dust mite covers for your pillows and mattress. Throw away old stained pillows and covers. If your sofas are falling apart, they need to go. If the material is rotting, they need to go. All of this is important in allergies and headaches.

Step #3: Vitamin C: His allergy headaches are greatly reduced with Vitamin C. We live in a climate where there is a lot of dust and wind. We also are living in a house with mold and mildew problems. For the first time since I met him, he is having problems with headaches. I am even having them. We have come to the conclusion that we will be moving from this house. The money needed to take care of the bad ceiling and beams is too much and the trailer is not worth that. The trailer is 35 years old. So we will be moving in September.

Toxic House? Move or Do Mold Remediation: If you have moved to a house that proves to be toxic, you either have to fix it or move. Living in it will have a huge, dangerous impact on your health. How do you know its the house? Well in this case, when you turn off the air cleaner, you start sneezing after two hours, and get so congested you can't breathe. That is not a good sign. The air cleaner is rarely turned off and the filter is cleaned twice a week, changed every other month.

Step #4: Cayenne in The Morning and At Night Before Bed. Take one cap of cool cayenne with yogurt or food. Yogurt is the best food to take with cayenne. Cool Cayenne is easier on the tummy for most folks. Do not take more than one cap unless you know your body. You will find taking cayenne this way will prevent some of your headaches if not all of them. If you are in the beginning of a migraine, take a capsule of cayenne with yogurt and you might be surprised. My husband has one vise and that is coffee. I might add he drinks more of it than he should. He gets caffeine withdrawal headaches. Well he had one the other day, and was scheduled to work early. He works at the post office. I gave him one cap with yogurt and it stopped the migraine in its tracks. He was fine the rest of the day. He is now taking them twice a day again. Part of the renewal of his headaches is due to this house and the mold. I have found the last week, that the cayenne has stopped my headaches resulting from this house environment. The cayenne has made a huge difference in my ability to work. Taking cayenne does not solve the base problem for the headaches. That must be moving from the house but it certainly does help until we can move. We are actively looking for a new place.

Choose Your Cayenne Wisely: There are many brands of cayenne out there. Some are hotter than others. If you have never taken cayenne before, buy the one that is milder on the tummy. Ask the clerk to help you find a brand that is considered cool cayenne. It is like buying hot peppers, some are rated much hotter than others.You must be a smart shopper who asks questions and reads. If you are sensitive to spicy foods, try a half cap first. Just take apart the capsule and dump half out.  

The 'Cool Cayenne' brand is the one we use. It is easier on the stomach. Eating yogurt when eating cayenne also helps or buttermilk. I used to think Buttermilk was gross but it is not. It is very soothing to the throat and stomach.

Step #5: Buy houseplants For Your House Environment:  They take in chemicals and help purify the air. In my next blog I will go into which ones and how it works. In an article from Dr. Mercola, there was a science experiment where they added certain house plants to a house filled with toxins. The plants did an amazing job to help purify the air. I might add that mold and mildew is not taken in by the plants. Even Dr. Mercolas $800 state of the art air cleaner does not solve the problem of mold and mildew. He was very clear on that point. So the next article will be on houseplants that purify the air. Peace Lilies for instance have been shown to absorb benzene, and formaldehyde. Golden Pothos is another excellent one. Pick carefully if you have cats or dogs who will try tasting them. Some plants are lethal to animals. 

I do hope these tips give you some relief. If any of you do try them, leave me feedback on how well they worked. I may be able to give you some help to make your program work better.

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