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Fighting Staph Infections, MRSA Infections With Herbs

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One of my granddaughters got bit by a spider. After 4 days it got ugly and they took her to the hospital. It was full of pus and blood, very nasty and painful.  They told my daughter, they consider all infections like this as MRSA infections, even before the blood tests are in. 

Her infection did turn out to be MRSA. She now has three abscesses on her body. Even though she is being treated by antibiotics, the staph is spreading still. She asked me what else she could do to wipe the staph out of her blood system. This is the advise I gave her and have used on my own problems. 

I do advise you to see a doctor with a bite or wound that gets nasty quickly.  If you have blood poisoning from the wound, it may take IV drug interaction to stop the infection. If you see red streaks coming from the wound with swelling, redness, and pain, that means more than likely, blood poisoning. This can happen with a dog bite or cat scratch. Blood poisoning can result in amputation of a limb. It spreads in hours. It can kill you. My husband got deeply scratched by our cat. There were red steaks coming from the wound by the next day. He needed IV treatments twice a day for a month to stop it. It got nasty and lethal quickly. 

Even after seeing the doctor, I would still do the following: Often antibiotics do not work. You still need to build up the immune system, use the Vitamin C, and put tree oil on the wound. If you put the tree oil on the wound, you may both prevent it from becoming nasty or lessen the severity of the infection. This means within minutes of receiving the bite or wound. Tea tree oil also takes the pain out of bee and wasp stings, and other bites.

Take antibiotics at different times from herbal antibiotics such as oregano or garlic. Do not take them together. 

#1: Apply tea tree oil immediately to the area of the wound and any new areas. Reapply several times a day. If it is in the mouth, rinse your mouth out with water and a few drops of tea tree oil. It will taste ugly but it really does a good job of killing the infection.

#2 Give Vitamin C  (1000 mgs dose) several times a day orally. You are fighting a bad bacteria that overcomes the bloodstream. It can set up in any weak area including the bladder, kidneys, heart, lungs, almost anywhere in the body. If it keeps popping up in a new abscess, it means it is in the bloodstream. Most all abscesses, boils, styes, and nose boils are always staph. The staph spreads easily by touching the area and through the blood system itself. You must neutralize it in the blood system. 

Vitamin C given by an IV can stop a dangerous infection but the FDA has made it illegal to do this. That is a real shame, because when it has been done, it is highly effective and safer than drugs.

Oral Vitamin C cannot do the job that Vitamin C given in an IV will do. It has to do with how the body assimilates Vit C or drugs in an IV situation. It is like giving antibiotic pills versus shots. It is all in the delivery of the drug into the system.

I knew a man years ago with cat scratch fever. The infection was so bad that he was going to die. The traditional antibiotic IV in the hospital was not working. The doctors wanted to amputate his arm. He pleaded with his private doctor to administer the Vit C - IV.  It worked, saving his limb. The doctor got his license taken away because he went against the AMA rules in this emergency situation. This is a true story and shows the bias against alternative medicine.

#3: Take oregano caps at least 4 times a day....two or three caps at a time. Oregano is a natural antibiotic and a potent one.   Take Cats Claw caps as well because it is a potent detox for the blood system. 

#4: Take an immune stimulant to help the body fight against the staph infection. Improving the immune function is really important. 

You must take these herbs in large doses to fight off staph. It is dangerous and can be deadly. Take them until the bite or wound is completely healed and for a few days after.  

Staph kills 19,000 Americans a year, more than AIDS.  MRSA infections are unaffected by the majority of antibiotics. They do have a couple of new ones but those two will sooner or later become ineffective.

I hope this gives you some idea of how I use herbs and Vitamin C against bacterial infections, flu, or other infections. Oregano is just one of the natural antibiotics used in herbal medicine.

All for now....Kate, the herbladyisin

Updated 9-10-2016

Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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