Monday, October 17, 2011

What's In Your Herbal Medicine Chest?

Hi Friends,

I am sorry for not blogging but my computer was down all of September. Getting a tech out to Mina was really a mess. We are five hours from Reno and the techs needed to come out from Reno because it was covered by warranty. It turned out to to have several problems including the system board, keyboard, and other elements.

Then on the same day the computer got fixed, we received our new baby chickens and were blessed with finding abandoned kittens. We had our hands full, including trying to finish the pen for the rabbits and the baby chickens. It was a lot of work. Now that the baby chickens are out into their pen in our shed, it's much less work.

These baby chicks and rabbits are part of my plan for the hard times ahead. Here in Mina, Nevada we have one store that is 44 miles away. The nearest Walmart is two hours away. We live out in the Nevada desert in a town with less than 100 people. You learn to shop effectively. I believe with the times ahead you need to be prepared in many ways. That includes water, extra food and supplies such as candles. One of the key issues in those preparations is herbal medicine. You need to have these on hand at all times. I am going to talk about these herbs over several blogs.

 #1 is Tea Tree Oil

The first one of my list is tea tree oil. I use it for bites, scratches, cuts, and infections. It is one of the most effective oils to have on hand. We constantly get splinters in our hands which really hurt. The tea tree oil takes the redness and pain right out. You can put a few drops in your mouthwash to create an effective mouthwash for mouth or throat infections.

#2 is Garlic ( Garlic Cloves and Garlic Powder)

Garlic powder or crushed cloves can be used to stop infections both internally and externally. Garlic is another natural antibiotic that works against bacterial infections, and colds. Before penicillin there was garlic used in the wars. They placed crushed garlic cloves over nasty gunshot and knife wounds. Using garlic saved lives.  Taking garlic internally works for colds and flu bugs. It is my 2nd choice for your medicine bag. In some cases it might be my first choice. It depends on the medical situation.

You need cotton bandages and tape as part of that medicine bag. One of the ways to use garlic is as a poultice over the wound. Clean cotton T-shirts would work in an emergency to cover the wounds. I always save old T-shirts for that purpose.  Silver duct tape should be on hand in every household. It works to keep bandage material over a wound or to apply a splint. There are hundreds of uses for silver duct tape. It is great stuff for emergencies.

Clean water is important. We keep about 20 gallons of water on hand. You certainly don't want to wash a dirty wound with foul water. When we moved here there was a bad leak on the water line. We used bottled water until the line got repaired. All of us should have emergency water at home. Make sure you rotate your water, using it up and refilling the bottles. Water after it sits for awhile will grow algae unless you treat it with drops of chlorine bleach or iodine.

Will close for now. Next few blogs will cover for herbs needed for your emergency medicine bag.

Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin


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  2. Hi friends,

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