Friday, October 28, 2011

Why Herbs May Not Be Effective on Your Cold

Hi Friends,

Well its winter with colds and flu season. You need to have certain herbs and vitamins on hand to head them off. The first one I take is goldenseal and Echinacea extract. I put two dropper-fulls in cranberry juice and drink them down about 3 to 4 times a day. I take at least three thousand Vitamin C in caps as well. I feel that Liquid Vit C or in caps is the fastest way for your body to make use of it. I don't do well with tablets. I then also take garlic powder caps and or an immune formula if needed. Oregano caps are also very effective on stubborn, severe infections.

The Brand Does Make a Difference:

The brand you buy does make a huge difference in the quality of the product and the benefits you derive from them. Poor quality equals poor results. I usually don't buy from the stores but if I have to, here are several name brands that I feel are good: Kyolic Garlic, Solaray,  and Natural Factors. I usually buy most all my herbs from New Sun Herbs. Their extracts are first on my list. Please give me a call for prices and ordering.

The Factors that go into the Production of Herbs:

#1:  The herb must be grown in the right soil and climate for its best quality.

#2:  The herb must be grown for the proper time before it is picked. An example is ginseng which must be left in the ground for two years at least for its potency.

#3: It must be picked at the proper time and time of day. An herb picked too early or too late will have less value and potency. If it is flowers, roots, or leaves, there is a time when the oils are more present in the plants.
Picked at the wrong time, it may have less medicinal value.

#4: It must be dried properly or its value may be lost.

#5: It must be processed properly. If it is processed with too much heat, that is not good. Are chemicals used to process it and if so what are they and how do they effect the end product.

#6: It must be tested for bacteria, chemicals, animal feces, E-coli, heavy metals, and other environmental toxins including weeds and dirt. This is where allergies come in. If the herb contains any of the above, you many suffer from an allergy to those foreign materials.

Herbs from foreign countries can be a problem. Look for statements such as tested for heavy metals and contaminants, processed according to FDA standards, and listings for their stated percentage of medicinal oils.
If you are buying a generic brand with no labels that give you indication of its quality, you may be getting a product that will give you little benefit. An example is garlic oil caps. Most of the cheap brands are mostly oil with little garlic value. Garlic oil caps go rancid quickly as well. When you buy 1000 garlic oil caps from Costco, the quality may be low. They may have been on the shelf for months. I always buy garlic powder or extract. Garlic oil can be rubbed into a infants feet to help them. When it is rubbed onto the sole of the foot, it is taken into the body through the pores of the skin. It is them diffused into the infant's body. Get a quality brand of garlic oil and not the store brand. You should be able to smell the garlic caps unless it is a odorless brand. Keep it refrigerated and try not to open it any more than necessary.

I hope this clarifies this issue. I hope you stay well now that winter is here. Have a great week and Halloween! Kate the Herbladyisin


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