Monday, May 14, 2012

The Amazing Effects of Prayer on Health-Pray with Fervent Belief

I use prayer in my life everyday. Have you found your prayers to seem ineffective? Perhaps it is the way you are praying, your mindset as you pray, that is a problem. A little over a year ago,  I was shown how to pray with more effectiveness. I have seen dramatic changes in the lives of those around me, praying this way. This month, I witnessed dramatic changes in an extended-family-relative of mine who has been suffering with depression for several years. His inability to work greatly challenged his wife to the point of a nervous breakdown. Many thought he was just lazy but I knew from my experience with clients that he had a brain imbalance.

Depression often is a problem in the neurotransmitters in the brain. When balanced you are stable. When imbalanced you will experience everything from depression to anxiety attacks. Orthomolecular medicine is used by special doctors to balance out these neurotransmitter imbalances.

Going to an Orthomolecular medicine physician is expensive and there are very few doctors who specialize in this kind of medicine in the United States. It involves special blood panels, special urine tests, in-depth health forms, and the application of amino acids that many cannot afford. So many people do not have the money to go through this route. In this case, this man had tried herbs like St. John's Wort and other supplements. They barely have money to pay the rent. Nothing much had helped over the past 5 years. . He had grown upset with church when several people suggested he was lazy.

So I prayed about to help this man-for direction from God. I was given from God to begin fervently praying for this man but to pray in a different way.  Since I could not know where his brain was imbalanced, I prayed for wholeness and health for his brain function, for his memory function, for his spiritual and emotional balance, for his focus and ability to work. I spent a half hour to an hour each night praying fervently to this end.   I prayed with focus and with fervent application for this man.

Did any of my effort help? It has been 4 months since I began praying for him in this way.

His wife called me this week. He is working for the first time in many months. He works at his own business doing construction jobs. He is doing better mentally than in months. He wrote on his facebook page, I am back after 5 years. One person asked him where he had been and his reply was a dark place. The wife has gone through hell supporting the family for 5 years. She didn't have strength to go much longer.

In the first years, I knew about his problems,  I prayed as I had been taught in church. These prayers were quiet and in my head, not spoken out loud. I asked God to heal him but it was not done in the mindset of praying like you know it is being done...with confidence that the prayer will be answered.

A friend of ours in the past year showed me a different way to pray, which seems to make a difference. You pray like it is a done deal.   You express it  verbally- fervently- confidently with assurance in your mind, heart and voice.  An example is below: You raise your eyes and hands up to the Lord. Then you declare up to the heavens: 

 "I declare through the power of God Almighty, wholeness and health over ..................say his name.

Then you declare health and wholeness over the organ or example is pain in the hip. I declare health and wholeness over Nancy's right hip, health and wholeness over the integrity of her ligaments, circulation, nerves, bones, and hip tissue.  I declare healing over her immune function and over her spinal function. "

In the case of this man, health and wholeness over his brain function, his memory function, his ability to focus, his neurotransmitter function. I declare health and healing over his mental and emotional balance, over his spiritual balance, over his physical balance.

You declare these statements loudly and with strength. I have noticed that with the people I love, this way of praying makes a difference.

You can also put your hands directly on the person in your presence and pray this way. Our friend first did that when we were moving on my husband. He had a bad migraine. I watched my husband get better in a few minutes. We did this over our cat who has been fixed and was not recovering well. You keep praying this way even if it does not look like it is working. I have seen very immediate results and at times it took awhile. There is nothing that I can think of that caused this man to get better other than this kind of prayer. When you pray this way, say it loudly with strength and must feel it with your heart, mind and soul. Do not pray with a lack of faith and belief. Know it will be done and believe it will be done through God. Keep the prayer and belief up until its done.

In some cases, it may be that person's time to be called up. If it is not his time, this kind of prayer is extremely effective. This works even when the person does not even know you are praying for them.

In the next column, I will present the evidence on how prayer helps in health problems, and it can be proven. You will find out how prayer works in your brain to have better health.  There is much verified research on this subject with current technology. You can image the brain and how it functions. You can see what stimulates the brain by these images and where in the brain it works. The power of prayer can be proven these days. There are many research studies proving the power of prayer. I hope you will come back to read the next columns on this subject.

God Bless you all,
Kate Freer, the herbladyisin

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