Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Could Intravenous Vitamin C Have Saved Their Limbs

I realize this will be a very hot subject but I feel it should be addressed. It makes me so very angry that everyday people die from cancer, because our doctors here will not let patients even try alternative medicine. There are cases as in the news this week of patients losing their limbs because of dangerous staph and strep infections. Alternative medicine therapies might have saved those limbs. 

I personally will not give the Cancer Society any money. They completely ignore the thousands of research papers published every day on  how herbs have been shown to kill cancer and tumor cells. This same herbs are used by doctors and cancer clinics in other parts of the world with success.  Here in the United States doctors lose their license if they don't use standard treatments like radiation and chemo which destroys the immune system, kidney, and liver.  There are other alternative treatments that also cannot be used here.

One of them in the use of Intravenous Vitamin C.  Some 20 years ago, I knew a family. The wife was scratched by her cat and rapidly developed a staph infection in her bloodstream. They tried several antibiotics to no avail. Her life was threatened. Their next step was to start cutting off limbs. The man believed in alternative medicine. He had a long time family doctor. He refused to let the doctors cut off her arms. He begged his family doctor to try the Vitamin C through the vein.  Against the attending doctors in charge, he administered the Vitamin C treatment. It worked and no limbs had to be removed.  The family was forever grateful but what happened to the doctor. He was taken to task by the medical board for the treatment even though it saved her limbs. His medical license was taken. This has happened many times to other medical doctors who dared to go against standard medicine. It is happening to doctors right now.

There have been recent cases where patients were being attacked by strep and staph in the blood stream.  Nothing worked other than cutting off limbs. One woman who had just delivered a child, ended up with a strep infection. They had to cut off both arms at the elbows and both legs.  It will never be known if the Vitamin C treatment would have worked, but their standard medicine did not work.  How can you cut off limbs when their might be an alternative treatment out there that will work? It is all about money, greed, politics, and the medical Gods being so narrow minded and unwilling to try anything other than what they were trained.

It should be noted here that taking oral Vitamin C is not effective in a rampant-life threatening blood poisoning or blood-stream systemic staph or strep infection. The huge Vitamin C dose is given through IV directly into the blood stream.  It must be given through a doctor.

It has always been so, that medical advances are not accepted for many years. The treatment is ignored, lambasted as fraud, and the doctors prosecuted for their advanced research and treatments. This goes on until the evidence is overwhelming that it works.  This is many years and lost lives later. How many cancer patients will die because standard medicine fails and alternative therapies will not be tried? How many patients will lose their limbs because alternative medicine will not be utilized. Bias and greed is taking the life of patients every day.

One case in point  is taken from an article on the history of the germ theory.

"Antoine Béchamp

Dr. Antoine Béchamp noted the importance of lifestyles as the key to prevention and success against all diseases almost 150 years ago! He backed it up with thorough scientific precision, as a practicing physician and researcher who was degreed in and a university professor of chemistry, biology, physics and pharmacy. It took eight pages of the French national science journal Moniteur Scientifique just to list the titles of his scientifically published works in 1908.

The sound conclusions of Béchamp for lifestyle changes such as wholesome nutrition and environmental, hygienic cleanliness were ignored in favor of other "solutions" that profited industry and required "heroic" medical interventions.

The whitewashing of Antoine Béchamp from history was so thorough as to assign credit for his works to others such as Louis Pasteur.

Béchamp died in 1908. That same year the Nobel Prize was awarded to a German, E. Buchner, for his isolation of the fermentation factor in yeast and identification of it as an enzyme in 1897. This was a duplication of work that Béchamp had done more than half a century before. Buchner even used the same terminology that Béchamp suggested decades before.

Dr. Béchamp also postulated chromosomes long before anyone else.

Antoine Béchamp was the foremost pioneer of science, medicine, nutrition and genetics all at once. The lack of recognition for this is a literary loss to history, and has resulted in tremendous physical loss to humanity for generations.
Béchamp noted the importance of taking care of one's self for prevention of disease. He was a champion of self-responsibility. He noted that germs abounded in unhealthy environments but were notably checked in healthful ones.

The Moniteur Scientifique noted upon the death of Béchamp, "Those of his acquaintance who cared for him and were about him know that he never doubted that one day justice would be rendered him."

The English international science journal Nature was already a prestigious journal then as now. Its obituary noted that Dr. Béchamp was ensured "an honourable place among the founders of biological chemistry".

2008 will mark 100 years since his death. It is way past time that justice, history, and humanity were served by the recognition of Dr. Antoine Béchamp and his honourable, timeless work."  Go to the link below to read the whole article. He is just one of many scientists whose work was ignored, scorned and laughed at.

Here are more resources form Orthomolecular Medicine 

I am sure I will get many negative comments out of narrow mindedness and ignorance. Doctors make huge incomes from the sale of drugs, anti-depressants, and other drugs which are found later to be pushed into the system with fraudulent drug studies. The FDA takes them off the market only after they made the companies and the doctors trillions of dollars and after the deaths of patients cause their removal. 

Most drugs negatively impact the liver, bladder and kidneys. They often cause strokes, bleeding, and heart attacks. They are taken for one ailment but cause two other more serious diseases. So trusting your doctor is not the sane thing to do without you own research first. Remember he makes money off the drugs he sells you. He gets monetary kick backs from the drug companies that sell him the drug.  This has all been proven and is the subject of many investigations and lawsuits.  it is time you started asking questions about your treatments and prescriptions. It is time you become proactive in protecting your health and welfare. 


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