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Alternative Cancer and AIDS Treatments : Esseac Tea and 714X

I feel that cancer patients should have the right to decide on standard medicine or alternative medicine. It is very difficult to find the information on alternative therapies. Your doctor will not give you this information. In fact they will tell you there is no value in these alternative treatments. It is up to you to find the real truth.

So in my  blogs I will give you resources to do your own research so you then have knowledge to make that informed decision. No therapy standard or alternative can guarantee your life. You may still die using the therapies of either modalities.   You should have the right to freely choose your path in cancer treatment, not your doctor or the government.  

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The treatments I am presenting in this blog are for your education and research. I don't directly have experience with them other than Esseac for which I take but not for cancer. I have used it for over 15 years. I began taking it after a fall which caused kidney damage and compromised function. I use it to support my kidney function and health.  I take it every day and will continue to do so.

Legal Disclaimer below  I have to state on these blogs so I don't get hung by the Medical Authorities. The information presented in these articles is not approved by the AMA, FDA, or probably your doctor. This information is for education only. Please consult a holistic clinic or doctor if you  have cancer. You still have the right to review this information and research it for yourselves. That is my goal in these blogs, you give you access to other treatment information you may want to consider.

The Billy Best Story: Beating Cancer with Alternative Medicine. 

In 1995 Billy Best was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. After several chemotherapy treatments, he ran away from home.  A nation wide search was headline news at the time. He used Esseac Tea and 714X to treat his cancer.  He survived and has written a book titled, The Billy Best Story: Beating Cancer with Alternative Medicine.  It is an amazing book of courage. 

Children are not given a choice in this country. They are forced into chemo and radiation, taken away from their family if they object to the program. It is called Medical Kidnapping and is now escalating by the medical powers that rule this country.  

The two therapies he used along with diet were: 

Esseac Tea: 

It is a combination tea that Rene Cassie in Canada utilized with great success for Cancer. I sell the books on Esseac and her story of persecution by the Canadian government. There were many people who worked hard to legalize Esseac tea. She had thousands of successful cases. Her files were destroyed by the government. There are many patients who were healed by her treatment. The book should be read by everyone even if you don't have cancer. You may one day. 

Read my blog here on Esseac Tea

Read the book on Esseac and Rene Cassie here 

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The Naessens 714X Treatment

Gaston Naessens, his new microscope invention and  714X are extremely important in the fight against cancer.

714X is a non toxic health product, an immunomodulator, available for over 30 years now. It is particularly recommended for health conditions involving a weakened or totally exhausted immune system. This product acts directly upon the body’s natural defences and not on the affected cells. For this reason, 714X can be of assistance in many health problems.

Throughout the years, 714X has been successfully used in many cases of degenerative diseases (such as cancer or multiple sclerosis) and autoimmune diseases such as lyme, lupus erythematosus HIV. 

714X may also be used in a complementary fashion with conventional as well as non conventional treatments. Not only can 714X greatly improve quality of life, by increasing energy.  Better appetite and less pain can also be expected. 714X may also be used in a preventative health program

Unfortunately, the clinic cannot predict if 714X will extend the life of patients because the product doesn’t work on a specific disease, but rather on the immune system.

The history of 714X  

This treatment is today available in Canada. The information is shown at the end of this blog.  Here are some excerpts from a article written about this man and his treatment.  It is a horrible story of how any cancer treatment other than standard medicine is suppressed and destroyed if possible. This story ends in defeat of the medical systems that run this country and Canada.

Gaston Naessens was dragged though the court system and eventually Gaston Naessens was brought to trial in Quebec. He was acquitted and completely exonerated. His successfully treated cancer patients and some important people went to court to support his treatment method and success. His story is amazing on how he developed his treatment and the hell he went through so it could be made available to patients today. 

Excerpts below are from the article located on the link included in this blog. Please read the whole article on this man, his brilliance, his persecution, and triumph. 

You will find the detailed article on his microscope, what is seen in your blood, how he developed his treatment, and how it works.  It is one of the most valuable articles you could read on this treatment. I hope these excerpts will drive you to read the whole article. It could save your life someday or that of someone you love.

He invented a new microscope which shows elements of the blood not seen in a normal microscope. They are called Somatids. These elements show the state of your health and the vitality of your blood, its life force. His treatment was then developed.

"1992 -- A growing interest in Naessens' approach to cancer, AIDS and other such diseases continues to grow. As of October of this year, 210 MD's across the country (Canada) were administering it to patients. Naessens was also invited to the controversial conference on alternative treatments for AIDS held in Amsterdam in May. This conference was attended by such notables as Luc Montagier, the French scientist who is credited with the discovery of the so called "AIDS virus." In Europe, the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and the U.S., physicians are using 714-X with the conclusion that barring total destruction of the immune system, this may be the most promising treatment for AIDS and cancer ever seen. In the U.S. an independent study on 714-X using human patients has been under way since last May.

"This new microscope is being used as part of a program for cancer patients available to Canadians. After deciding that 714-X is a treatment that the patient would like to pursue, then it is necessary to convince the medical doctor this is the treatment of choice.

"Among the growing number of physicians who are recognizing the efficacy of 714X is Dr. Dietmar Schildwaechter, a former faculty member of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine who now directs a cancer rehabilitation center in his native Germany. He came across Naessens' treatment in 1990 through one of his own patients, who showed marked improvement when, unbeknownst to him, she began taking it. When he found out what she was taking, he began looking into the unconventional treatment himself. He "realized that Naessens had discovered and identified what others had only partially seen."

Schildwaechter is now the chief investigator of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) that is documenting the successes of 714X with the goal of obtaining FDA approval for its use in the United States as an experimental treatment.

How to Get Access to 714X in Canada

Having established that, then the physician is to notify the Emergency Drug Program in Ottawa at (613) 993-3105. A history of the patient is required, and the serum and instructions on administering it will be sent directly from the Naessens clinic to the doctor. 

Details on how to obtain the Somatoscope, or requests for information on the 714X therapy, can be addressed to: The Naessens Clinic C.O.S.E. 

5270 Fontaine Rock Forest, 
Quebec J1N 3B6 or telephone 

(819) 564-7883 or FAX (819) 564-2195. 
Or, send $15 to HANS [to help cover costs] and we will send you an information package on this topic."

Note : I called the 819-564-7883 (Canada) to verify it was still open.

If you call them, they will send you information on their 

program for your review.

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Christopher Bird's book, The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens. It is an excellent account of the work done by Mr. Naessens.  This book is avail in my store here along with other alternative medicine books on cancer.  

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All for today. kate Freer, the herbladyisin

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