Friday, July 17, 2015

Essiac Tea-Its History and Health Benefits

I want to tell you about Essiac tea. I have been using it for years just to support my liver and it seems to give me energy.  I don't even put it in juice anymore. 

The original formula came from Rene Caisse in Ontario, Canada in 1888. Yes, it has been around for a long time. She learned about it from a patient who had received help from a Chippawa Indian neighbor for her cancer. She began giving the formula to her sick patients with cancer. Many were cured. Several physicians using her formula successfully tried to get it cleared for general use in the government. This failed. She eventually turned the formula over to the Resperin Corporation of Ontario for $1.00, hoping they could get the clinical trials and studies needed to get it cleared. They never did get it cleared as a drug but its use has helped thousands over the years. It is one of the best bets in alternative medicine for cancer.

Does it always work? No.  Neither does chemo or radiation work in many cases and destroys the immune system in the therapy.  Nothing is 100 per cent a cure. I would place my bets on Essiac any time.

Have I used it? Yes, but not for cancer. I have talked to others who have. I used Essiac with the addition of Cat's claw to reduce my fibroid tumors. It took time but it worked. I avoided a hysterectomy. I still take it often to keep my liver and blood cleaned out. I fell off steps years ago onto a wrought iron plant stand. I swelled up and was in severe pain. I had no insurance so treated myself. That fall damaged my kidneys and liver function. I took Essiac for a year after than fall and I recovered for the most part. On occasion, I still  need it to keep them working properly. I know it works and it is very effective. If I ever do get cancer, I will take it for that. You either believe in alternative medicine or you just talk about it. I live that view. I use alternative medicine and know it works. You must use the right herbs for the right problem. So lab tests can be useful and exams as well. You must take enough of the herbs, often enough, and for enough time to secure healing. Your body does not heal on your time table. The quality of the herbs cannot be understated. It is all necessary to get the end result....healing. I am going to be talking about herbs and alternative cancer treatments. It is hard to find on websites. You should have options even if you choose not to use them. You have the right to that knowledge in making your decision.So over the next few weeks, we will go over some of these.

Essiac, the original formula, contains Sheep Sorrel (Rumex acetosella), Burdock (arctium lappa), slippery elm (ulmus fulva), and turkey rhubarb or rheum palmatum.  

The version I take contains Cats Claw and Watercress as well. I personally feel the addition of Cats claw and the watercress makes the formula even more effective.

Sheep Sorrel is used to clean out the blood. It helps a weak stomach, stimulates appetite, and is used against nausea and vomiting.

Burdock medicinal properties lie in the roots of this plant. It acts as a diuretic and diaphoretic. It also cleans out the blood and aids digestion.  It is used with sore throats and coughs.

Slippery Elm is a tree where its bark is medicinal. Slippery elm helps heal gut and digestion problems. It soothes and helps ulcers. It can be made into a gruel and eaten for food. It is nutritious. It heals mucous membranes in the gut and stomach. It is gentle enough to give to babies or baby animals with diarrhea.

Turkey Rhubarb grows in China and Tibet. It root is medicinal. It contains tonic and digestive properties. It has been used successfully with dysentery.

The Ezzeac I usually take is by Nature's Unique. It is the brand I used when I had problems with fibroid tumors.

I do sell it  here on this page, Ezzeac Plus with Cats Claw in 32 ounces concentrated on my website......its the best brand on the market, in my opinion.

Buy Nature's Sunshine Cat's Claw or Una De Gato Here

A treatment plan for cancer involves dietary changes and immune system support. Essiac is one part of that plan I would use if I had cancer. I would go to a holistic doctor and have his help with my treatment. There are treatment centers that  use herbs and alternative therapies.....and can give you help to beat cancer.The main problem with them is that they do not take insurance. Most people do not have the cash to do that. That is the sad part. They are kept from help through alternative medicine because they have no money.  It is the way it is here in the US. In many other countries, standard and alternative therapies are used together to treat patients by doctors. They combine the best of both to give the patient the best chance for healing.

Bye for now...Kate the Herbladyisin

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