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Tea Tree OIl to the Rescue for Sore Throats, Gum Pain, Bites, Stings and More

How our family uses  Tea Tree Oil Extract

Throat Gargle, gum gargle, and tooth ache gargle

Put 5 drops of tea tree oil and a pinch of salt  in a half glass of  warm water and stir. 
Gargle several times, holding it in your mouth for several minutes so it has time to penetrate the infected areas.
Do not swallow the liquid.

Add to a store bought mouth gargle to make it more potent!

You can add the tea tree oil to any mouthwash to make it more antiseptic and healing. This also helps for sore teeth, gums and abscesses. It is very effective and speeds your recovery and healing. 

Chest Colds

For chest colds, put 5 to 10 drops in 4 to 6 cups of warm water or in a vaporizer and inhale it into your lungs.

Bites, Stings, Welts, and other sores

Put tea tree oil on bites or stings. It takes the itching and pain away quickly.

Splinters or the sore hole they leave

I drove a splinter under my nail three days ago. I could not get it out. So I just kept putting tea tree oil on it and within a day all the redness and pain was gone It would have been gone sooner, had I not dug under the nail with a needle. That did not help at all. It is amazing how hurtful a tiny splinter can be. I now know why they used that for torture in ancient times. I work with wood and animals on our little homestead. I use tea tree oil on a daily basis for most everything. It is always in my purse, our car, and readily available.

Painful Hangnail

Most of us at one time or another pulled off a hangnail instead of cutting it off properly. Once you do that, the area is sore and painful. Apply tea tree oil to the area and see how quickly the pain is relieved.

Emergency Relief:

One day we were visiting my daughter in Fresno. There was a guy moving out some construction materials with a hoist. He disturbed some bees that had taken up in that stack of old wood. He had several stings. He was hurting. I took out the tea tree oil right there and gave him the bottle. We saw him the next day and giving him that oil immediately really cut down on his pain and swelling. He insisted on paying me for the bottle. He was indeed thankful. So this is one oil that should be included in your emergency kit always.

Staph Infections or Bacterial Infections:
My husband gets a recurrent staph infection in his arm almost everything he takes a chunk out it working in the yard. Since twice he had it turn in to a serious infection requiring IVs, we immediately treat it.  You first wash out the wound with hydrogen Perioxide to get out all the dirt. If you can encourage it to bleed, that is good.  We then apply tea tree oil, then powdered goldenseal to the wound and cover it with a bandage. That is changed three times a day with new herbs applied. That regimen is kept up until the wound is healed showing no signs of redness, swelling, or itching. Small wounds can quickly turn into infections if given half a chance.  We increase the Vit C as well. 

We have not found tea tree oil enough with my husband to completely stop his staph infections without the use of goldenseal as well.  The tea tree oil knocks the infection down but does not defeat it entirely.  Again, use tea tree oil and goldenseal powder.

I have many more personal stories on using tea tree oil, so write me any questions. I have used both products listed on this blog at one time or another.
See you next blog.  Kate, the Herbladyisin

Updated 9-10-2016

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